With Oracle Fusion Marketing into the Future of CRM?

The News

On September 20, 2021 Oracle announced during an Oracle Live event named “The future of CRMOracle Fusion Marketing, which is not the same as Oracle Marketing.

  • Fusion Advertising, Oracle‘s digital advertisement platform
  • Fusion Products & References, Oracle‘s recommendation platform
  • Expanding your audience: From that audience, Fusion Marketing will automatically generate a highly targeted audience profile for use in online advertising to target people who are potentially relevant to your campaign — byt unknown to your contact database
  • Identifying the best customer references: based on the focus of the campaign and specific industry of each customer, Fusion Marketing recommends the best reference stories to promote in the campaign
  • Simplifying campaign configuration: Fusion Marketing provides a single user interface to assign all of the campaign assets required to run your campaign across email, website landing pages, and advertising channels
  • Launching the campaign: the marketer can easily set up advertising budget, star and end dates and launch their campaign
  • Monitoring results: a prebuilt dashboard that provides marketers with real time visibility into campaign performance.
  • AI-powered lead qualification: Fusion Marketing monitors engagement across all campaign channels including emails, online ads, and microsite visits. Because interest at the company level is what matters, Fusion Marketing will qualify account level interest by aggregating engagement frompeople at the same company. This AI algorithm automatically generates qualified opportunities for salespeople when it detects sufficient engagement.
  • Deliver qualified opportunities to any CRM system: Wen identified, qualified opportunities are delivered to any CRM system.

The Bigger Picture

As I have often written and said, sales representatives do not love their system. One of the main reasons for this is that salesforce automation systems and CRM systems are often targeted rather at the management than the actual workforce. They are good at collecting data and reporting, but not so good at helping sales representatives — and marketers, for that purpose — getting their job done easily. The result is widespread dissatisfaction and poor adoption. Phil Winters spoke about an adoption level of 25 per cent in a recent CRMKonvo.

My PoV and Analysis

Let me start with that the event’s naming raised quite some expectations that led me to state during the CRM Playaz Watch Party to the event that I haven’t seen much that I haven’t heard from other vendors, too. I stand to this statement, especially when it comes to integrating or aligning marketing and sales departments. Every suite vendor that is worth a grain of salt can either move a qualified lead out of the marketing subsystem into the sales force automation system and/or directly create an opportunity there (which is something that the sales reps often like to do themselves). An agreement about what constitutes a qualified obviously needs to be achieved before. Most of the vendors can also fairly easily create campaign templates basing on existing objectives, target groups and marketing assets.

  • The ability to combine traditional campaigns with web advertising out of one single technology stack, which Oracle can do using its Advertising line of products.
  • The tight link into the, again own, enterprise content management system.

Helping businesses to improve in Digital Transformation, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, CRM, Innovation

Helping businesses to improve in Digital Transformation, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, CRM, Innovation