SugarCRM picks up speed, takes on the market

  • Intelligent Customer Experience platform and the underlying ‘time-aware’ data model
  • No-Touch Information Management with the idea of enabling users to spend less time entering and searching for data in favor of spending more time with their customers
  • Continuous Cloud Innovation to provide a modern and future proof cloud-based software platform

The Analyst Summit

On acquisitions and the road ahead

My Analysis and PoV

Platform Play

  • Technology platform
  • Productivity
  • Insight
  • Ecosystem.
The Building Blocks of enabling Customer Experience


  • A broad and deep enough, consistent solution suite,
  • that is supported by a strong and consistent messaging;
  • Industry solutions for rapid implementation that support core processes and time to value for the targeted industries,
  • Competitive, value-based pricing that appears fair and/or better to the customers than the competitors’ pricing

Three Suggestions

  • There is a rounded solution set that covers the customer facing organizations of a business
  • There is a strong messaging with an emphasis on differentiators (e.g. time-aware data model, no-touch data management) that places some visible SugarCRM marks in the marketplace
  • There is a scalable architecture that bases applications on a common platform and embraces cloud as well as on premise deployment.
  • The messaging could be wrapped more around business processes as seen by the users and that span across functional clouds
  • Together with the ecosystem, it is important to have and show industry solutions for fast time to value for the customers, again with the users in mind
  • In times of an increasing need for end-to-end process digitalization and customer managed journeys even in B2B environments, I am wondering when we will see a commerce solution and a customer journey orchestration capability



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