SAP acquires CallidusCloud — Take Two

The News

The Bigger Picture

  • ERP Variant Configurator
  • SAP Hybris CPQ
  • CallidusCloud CPQ

My PoV and Advice

Advice for Customers

  • If you already run SAP Hybris CPQ, continue using it until you realized a meaningful ROI, as it will stay around. There are too many customers for SAP to abandon it.
  • If you do not yet have a CPQ and are at least initially not too heavy on the configuration then CallidusCloud is the first option to look at — unless you are cloud averse, in which case it is SAP Hybris CPQ. But be aware that the setup of CallidusCloud is, and will likely continue to be, easier than the setup of SAP Hybris CPQ.
  • If you are heavy on configuration and solution configuration, want a cloud based CPQ solution, and ideally are in the manufacturing industry, then have a good look at In Mind. The caveat that I, sadly, need to make here is that the position of In Mind as a company got somewhat weakened although they are still on SAP’s price list.

Advice for SAP



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