Salesforce Sales Cloud Supercharged — Einstein’s next Move

The News

  1. Salespeople do not find the time to do their job, which is selling. Instead they are spending an inordinate amount of time entering data that supposedly only helps their management controlling them a little more.
  2. Sales managers do not have enough visibility into what is going on in their area of responsibility, what their team is doing (and why), whether they are doing the right thing. The same problem, of course, applies to the Head of Sales, just at a bigger scale.
  3. Sales operations is charged with creating meaningful reports that tell the one single truth. This they need to do using data that resides somewhere, data that is distributed, instead of some central consolidated place. Data that is essentially not fully trustworthy.
  • The Salesforce resident AI: Einstein to help sales persons identify the most promising opportunities to work upon
  • The Salesforce Inbox that increases productivity by attributing emails to the right accounts as well as connecting to the calendar
  • Sales Analytics to help salespeople and their management to visualize, interpret, and use the available data

The Press Release

The Bigger Picture

My PoV and Analysis



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