Salesforce brings its Field Service solution forward by a notch or two

The News

  • Dynamic job scheduling
  • Using Einstein Recommendation Builder to ensure that service technicians have the right spare parts available
  • Asset management capabilities that allow companies a detailed view into the installed base at their customers. This is developed in cooperation with ServiceMax
  • Improvements to the appointment assistant to provide as accurate as possible information to the customer about the arrival time of the service technician.
  • Einstein Recommendation Builder enables organizations to rapidly deploy machine learning models to enhance service, including AI-powered recommendations to ensure mobile workers always have the right parts for the job. Einstein will scan similar past work orders for previous, similar jobs to identify which parts will be needed for the current one.
  • Asset 360 is a new set of asset management capabilities that ServiceMax is building in partnership with Salesforce. With Asset 360, companies will have complete visibility into their install base, service contracts and asset performance (e.g. machinery, medical equipment) to maximize the uptime of complex equipment and reduce operational costs.
  • Appointment Assistant uses live status updates and GPS to automatically update customers on the technician’s arrival time. This keeps customers informed, and gives them a chance to vacate the premises and/or adequately prepare before the technician arrives — increasing safety for both technician and customer while social distancing is advised.

The Bigger Picture

My Analysis and PoV



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