Rethink CRM to be CEM

Then and Now

  • Customers want the company being available on their communications channels of preference.
  • Customers want the company to know more about the product or service that they are inquiring about than they already know themselves.
  • Customers want the company to know and address their intentions and not being bombarded with irrelevant and out of context messaging. Information they volunteer to the company needs to be used to their benefit.
  • At the same time customers do not want their data being used outside the boundaries of their interests. They do not give a perpetual license to use their information.
  • Most of all, customers want to feel valued by the company. And one of the most valuable commodities customers have is their time.

Experiences Are Created Through Engagements


The Simplified Maslov Pyramid of Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations Hierarchy

Improving Customer Experience Is Good For Business

Improving Customer Experience



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