New Relic invents APM — again

The News

On July 30, New Relic announced the delivery of its new Observability Platform, New Relic One. The platform has been redeveloped (‘reimagined’) to be more simple and integrated while retaining the power it already offered.

  • Full stack observability that enables the analysis and troubleshooting of the complete software stack, including IaaS
  • Applied intelligence to detect, understand and resolve incidents, ideally before they even happen.
  • Full-Stack Observability to easily visualize and troubleshoot the entire software stack across APM, infrastructure, logs, and digital customer experience in one connected experience;
  • Applied Intelligence to detect, understand, and resolve incidents faster.
  • Full-Stack Observability: one free user license.
  • Applied Intelligence’s Proactive Detection: first 100 million app transactions per month free.
  • Applied Intelligence’s Incident Intelligence: first 1,000 incident events per month free.
  • Full Stack Observability priced per seat license.
  • Applied Intelligence priced per transaction or event.

The bigger Picture

Before the launch I had the chance to talk to New Relic’s Chief Product Officer, Bill Staples, a long term cloud and infrastructure veteran at both, Microsoft and Adobe. Bill talked me through the layers of the solution and it applicability and helpfulness throughout the whole stack.

My PoV and Analysis

What I really like is the strive for simplicity. This creates a new experience for the user. A solution set that was complicated got rolled up into three modules, while maintaining the power of the solution. The messaging towards supporting (New Relic’s customers) customer experience is straightforward and important.

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