Fastcall drives cooperation of Salesforce users with Intercall and solves Covid challenge

The News

  • Screen sharing and video conferencing in virtual meetings while working within Salesforce instead of an external application. Intercall also creates Salesforce activities for every Intercall call.
  • Replacement of phone directories that are more often than not outdated while enabling a centralized phone directory with data that is already in Salesforce.
  • Calling coworkers via multiple endpoints at the same time with ringing the softphone, mobile phone, and desk phone all at the same time, Intercall prevents wasting time by dialing multiple numbers until you connect to a teammate and the hassle of leaving, listening to, and deleting numerous voicemails.
  • Building transparency and accountability via automated call logging within Salesforce. Just like an external dialer automatically records external communications with customers in Salesforce, Intercall enables greater accountability, tracking, and transparency in the work-at-home environment and empowers managers to get a comprehensive view of team interactions and collaboration.
  • Call recording for future reference, training or to share directly with team members for easy information sharing.
  • Easy and efficient one-click information distribution of voicemail messages to team members or the whole company via voicemail drop.

The Bigger Picture

My Analysis and PoV



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