CRMKonvos — Someone who went out excitedly to find Customer Experience


In this episode we welcomed Lars Brodersen, author, publisher, and long time CRM expert.

Lars is the author of the customer manifesto, which he wrote as a reaction to a series of pretty unsettling customer experiences, starting from soured milk in his Latte Macchiato followed by an I don’t care attitude of the waitress via a horribly wrong order confirmation by a car rental agency, a new appliance breaking and the repair service being an awful long time away, or the electrician being available only after various attempts and a long awaited for package finally being lost.

It is the story of someone who moved out, just to find traumatic experiences.

All in all, nothing that we haven’t experienced.

Yet, he reacted differently, by writing the customer manifesto, which emphasises on one simple truth: Companies are there to serve the needs of their customers. This is their sole reason of existence.

This “earned” Lars a spot in our CRMKonvos, with us talking about this, his books and what CRM is or should be.

Listen in to some worthwhile insight!



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