CRMKonvos — Mitch Lieberman on CX, CDP and Conversational Excellence beyondCXM

During this episode we talked with Mitch Lieberman who has quite some experience in the CRM industry, on the vendor- and analyst side. He was with Epiphany, Sugar, and with G2, to name but a few.
He has the insight and the sharp mind that makes this conversation particularly interesting, without me diminishing the other ones, though.
Mitch certainly got our grey matter into high gear during our conversation that started with CX, went into a solid discussion of the value (what is it?) of Customer Data Platforms, CDP, on to conversational systems — and back. Btw, what is a CDP? Let Mitch provide his interesting view.
We learned a lot.
You can, too.
This conversation is in English, apart from a few minutes at the beginning and the end.


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