CRMKonvos — Latin American expert insights: How different is this market?


Ralf Korb and I had a special guest in Jesus Hoyos, long time CRM practitioner and analyst who works from Mexico and Florida. Jesus concentrates on the Latin American and North American markets.

Apart from being a genuinely great person, he had a lot of interesting topics to cover, starting from how different even the various Latin- and South American markets are to how pricing models should be different, not only to accommodate for a pandemic situation but also for the structures of markets that are dominated by small companies, companies that are far smaller that the enterprises that are usually targeted by the bigger vendors.

This also has implications on product development, training schemes and its availability, partner and ecosystem enablement and a lot of of other topics (including kayaking in the Everglades).

This is a conversation mostly in English, with some Spanglish and a few German in between. And it is jam-packed with valuable information. Well worthwhile viewing and listening to.



Thomas Wieberneit

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