CRMKonvos — beyondCXM: How to turn customers and employees into raving fans

#BeyondCXM. To turn customers and employees into fans as a possibiility to achieve sustainable business is what Ralf Korb and Thomas Wieberneit as hosts discussed with Dr. Winfried Felser and Marc Schmid, CEO of Novadoo.

Sometimes the magic of customer experience if found beyond normal processes and classic expectations and therefore individual, consumable, experiences.

This happens especially if one offers a genuine and heartfelt ‘Thank you’ and with that creates an emotional bondo or relationship with the customer, instead of just a transactional one.

Leading up to this: What are companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, or Zoho currently doing and how can these developments help with a Corona restart with ten times the current possibilities?

Big topics, discussed in this CRMKonvos episode. The episode is in German language.



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