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Clash of Titans — The War Cry: Oracle and Salesforce

More Food for Thought

In the last article Clash of Titans — Microsoft and SAP weigh in of this little series, I discussed the strategy of two of the big four and how they are positioned in the platform play of the business software titans — and others. This article covers the other two: Oracle and Salesforce. These business software vendors are competing in a market that is changing — commoditizing — at a fast rate towards an experience market, and probably beyond, if I follow the argumentation and thoughs of CRM godfather and friend Paul Greenberg. Business application vendors can stay really successful only if they morph into platform players. And this platform is more than just a technology platform, but encompasses four dimensions.

  • Ecosystem
  • Insight
  • Productivity


Since the launch of what originally was project Fusion and now is Oracle CX, the company has done a remarkable pivot from being an on premise company to becoming a cloud company. The company has its strength in being a full stack provider with a full range of business applications. However, its main strenght is owning the gold standard database engine that runs the majority of business workloads worldwide.


Salesforce surely is the current synonym for CRM software, and this not only because the company wisely chose this acronym as its stock ticker symbol.

In Summary

Salesforce is sitting on the throne that the other three companies are after. However, it is not a stable position. Salesforce owns the definition of CX, but it is dangerously limited in its scope. Looking at the big four, Salesforce for SAP and Microsoft is the enemy’s enemy, that keeps them in a carefully balanced alliance … which probably gets instable if Salesforce shows signs of being dethroned — by either Microsoft or SAP.

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