Clari — Nipping at Salesforce’s Heels?

  1. Many to most sales reps do not consider CRM systems (or SFA systems, for that matter) as particularly helpful.
  2. Sales managers do have a poor visibility into what their teams are doing, with which opportunities they spend their time.
  3. Executives and Sales Operations are dealing with “XLS hell” because the system’s forecasting ability is broken.

MyPoV and Analysis

Opportunity Analysis with Clari

The Cautions

  • Stay ahead of the competition from an output point of view. Integrating with Clari must show clear and measurable benefits for customers using a CRM system which already offers similar functionality
  • Go SMB. This is a largely underserved market that is still very fragmented and mainly covered by vendors that do not have the scale to offer wide solutions
  • Partner, partner, partner with vendors of CRM solutions, to gain broader exposure
  • Based upon the current offering, build complementary solutions that solve real business problems



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Thomas Wieberneit

Thomas Wieberneit

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