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Adobe and Magento tie the knot — a great move

The News

On May 21, 2018 Adobe announced that it has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Magento Commerce.

The Bigger Picture

Adobe is all about ‘delivering experience’. You should read the second part of friend Paul Greenberg’s recent ZDNet article on Adobe where he explains customer experience, brand experience, and consumable experiences — and where he sees Adobe in this triple — in his uniquely great fashion.

My PoV and Advice

Brad Rencher is mostly right with his broad statement, insofar he maintains the complete enumeration of topics — and has an audience with the right notion of ‘experience’ (again, I strongly recommend reading Paul’s article). But Adobe is not exactly the company (yet) that is able to deliver a complete picture of customer experience.

One for Adobe and Magento customers

I do not think that there is a need to be concerned about ongoing Magento support.

One for SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle

Observe and learn. Adobe has the leading experience suite and now owns a leading e-commerce solution along with a huge eco system.

One for Microsoft

Adobe is an important strategic partner for Microsoft, with Adobe being the preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365. With this acquisition Adobe becomes an even better fit, but gained some more independence from Microsoft.

And a Bonus One for Adobe

The Adobe Experience Cloud is a great product, which can deliver a lot of value. It, however, has a pretty significant price tag, which causes a barrier, especially when looking at more and more saturation in the enterprise market and a MarTech landscape that lists almost 7,000 companies and growing (fast). The acquisition of Magento offers the possibility to strengthen the footprint in the mid sized business market, which still has tremendous potential, especially since the big 4 are struggling to penetrate this market, too. The risk of not extending the view to this market is being pushed upwards and then out of the market.

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